Jobs: Atlanta Based Positions

3 Jan

I. Atlanta-Based Positions

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

a)      Position 1–Deployment Coordination Services:

Needs to have excellent computer skills, especially Excel.  Self starter that can work independently.  Job includes computer queries; developing email solicitations to groups; and interactions with IMS and potential field staff. Needs thorough understanding of IMS and its functions.  Must have excellent organization and negotiation skills.  Job includes interaction with senior leadership; planning and presenting briefings; recruiting and orienting IMS staff. Needs to have excellent computer skills, with mastery level in Excel.  Must be able to focus on detail work with high accuracy.  Job includes taking in data from multiple sources and organizing it in existing Excel format.  

b)      Position 2–Logistics/Travel/Transportation Services:

Conducts Procurements, Coordinates all transportation requests for the movement of personnel and equipment/supplies via all modes of transportation.  Prepares or provides assistance in the preparation of documents related to domestic and international personnel travel and equipment/supply shipments.  Performs other services as assigned related to logistics/transportation matters.

c)      Position 3–Situation Awareness Services:

Coordinate with partners to maintain overall situational awareness of the outbreak response.

Coordinate for current operational maps from data provided from MSPP and PAHO Pap to support CDC Atlanta.

Improve situation awareness by coordinating inter-agency response requirements and data sharing, information analysis, and knowledge management.

Provide operational and technical situation awareness and GIS support in integrating information technologies, relational databases, information sources, and analytical tools to improve the speed and accuracy of disease surveillance and emergency response.

  • Establish or coordinate formal reporting procedures and provide Situation Awareness database and information management support to improve interoperability.
  • Assist in integrating new capabilities and implementing technologies and processes to improve how information is collected, visualized, reported, and synthesized to “Connect-the-Dots”
  • Act as a liaison to improve vertical and horizontal information sharing and collaboration between Communities of Interest (COIs) embedded in MSPP and PAHO PaP to share scientific, public, and non-public health and emergency response information
  • Synchronize data collection and definition to support rapid and consistent maps, reports, and SA products.
  • Assist in implementing web-enabled information sharing between CDC SA and provide training.

 d)      Position 4-WASH Services

  • Individual will coordinate the implementation of CDC’s water, sanitation and hygiene activities (WASH)  in Haiti.  Position requires background in public health with experience in WASH, epidemiology or related fields.  Will work closely with Government, UN and NGO partners including DINEPA, MSPP, UNICEF and PAHO.  Position will include travel within Haiti to monitor program activities.   Individual will report to senior leadership in CDC Haiti office as well as WASH technical team in Atlanta.  Will represent CDC at WASH meetings in Port au Prince and will generate reports on in country activities.  Must be fully functional in French

 Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

 Applicant must have the educational back ground to perform the duties outlined in the SOW paragraphs listed previously/

  • Applicant must have international experience with working knowledge of Haiti
  • Must be able to pass security checks (Background) and receive clearance to work at CDC.
  • Must be fluent in English.

    Salaries—TBD based on experience


For additional information or to apply, please submit a current resume and cover letter to:

Shawn Boyd, or Melanie Cook,


2 Responses to “Jobs: Atlanta Based Positions”

  1. Jobs in Atlanta October 18, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Thanks for detail explanation regarding Job requirements skills. Please let me know do you have position for IT programmer, Engineering and any other type of Jobs.

    • alexanon October 19, 2011 at 3:48 am #

      We are not the recruiter but we will keep posting job offers. All you have to do is to come back and visit our blog. Thank you!

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