When The Clock…

12 Jun

When the clock switched to midnight

I had to be in His presence

I know now that the world does not make much sense

Again tomorrow, life happens, in the ring it will be a new fight


Abandoning lust for His love

The hatred for sin is growing in me

On my corner His golden gloves

Again, tomorrow life happens, in that ring the last man standing will be me


When that clock jumped into midnight

I had to be on this imaginary flight

On the back of an angel I am flying higher

No longer dreaming but reaching further

A jazzy song of victory ringing in my ears

Because the enemy no longer control my tears


When that clock turned the hour into midnight

I became stronger, wiser and yet older

Yes, it is my birthday and I am running faster

Finally reaching the light


When that clock finally shows midnight

For you it was just telling the time

For me it was indicating more than a change of time

                        But a time for change,

                                                I am now boarding my spiritual flight!


Alex Sanon


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