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The God in Me

4 Jan

The imminent outcome of life is death; so in living in the moment just for the present, when death comes it will be the end…, the end of you and the end of all you worked for.

Live with greater expectations then your circumstances; Live for a life without death; Live believing that your life on earth is like a river flowing from one point (your creation) to another (your destination) which is not death.

Trust in your faith, in yourself and in your feelings. Feel Love, Feel Peace, Feel a Greater You.


You are Love and You are Loved!

You are Peace and You have been given Peace!

You are Part Creation and Part Creator!

So set your mind to what you desire as if it is. Breathe life into everything you are experiencing because if you don’t, death will take form in you and you will become death.

Life is a choice; Life is a choice we shall all make because after the inevitable death of your temporary body, Life continues and Life is better than you can ever imagine.

January 4th, 2015 – 11:11am

Alex the Creator communicating with Alex the Creation


When I Write

15 Apr

When I write, I am free. When I write, I fly and reply to all the negatives around me with a smile. When I write I transform my universe. I will transform yours if you let me through your soul, or if I may say let myself into your mind.

When I write, I don’t write in a specific language; I write in my language. If I may, I will teach you my grammar (floating on the Grand Mar), my spelling (my spell in). Your understanding of my words can be reach only by the limit of your imagination.

When I write, I become a clear rainbow on a spring matinee or a mirage of an oasis in the middle of the driest desert or a spear piercing your heart to its deepest pain and anything and everything in between. It is really up to you, to your mind to capture the essence of my thoughts; that is only if I let you.

No, I am not trying to confuse you, instead fuse you. Because the nuclear power of words can electrify a life or destroy many lives. My ink has more than one color; it is your choice to which one paints your reality.

When I write, I search and push myself to the edge of awesomeness or ass-hole-ness. You will find yourself on the fence most of the time reading my pieces. Asking why I fluctuate between light and darkness, like I was playing hide and seek with your mind.

When I write… I just write; But when you read… Please read between the lines.

Welcome Back

31 Dec

Welcome to ALEXSANON BLOG. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF OUR READERS. We missed you in 2010 as much as you missed us. Welcome back and please leave your comments and suggestions.