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The God in Me

1 Apr

Alex Sanon Blog

The imminent outcome of life is death; so in living in the moment just for the present, when death comes it will be the end…, the end of you and the end of all you worked for.

Live with greater expectations then your circumstances; Live for a life without death; Live believing that your life on earth is like a river flowing from one point (your creation) to another (your destination) which is not death.

Trust in your faith, in yourself and in your feelings. Feel Love, Feel Peace, Feel a Greater You.


You are Love and You are Loved!

You are Peace and You have been given Peace!

You are Part Creation and Part Creator!

So set your mind to what you desire as if it is. Breathe life into everything you are experiencing because if you don’t, death will take form in you and you will become…

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Pou Ou

2 Dec

Alex Sanon Blog

Ou kite tout fanm ou nan nanm mwen

Ou kite gou lang ou nan bouch mwen

Ou kite chanmchanm ou andedan chanm mwen

Ou fè m sal douvan mwen tèlman ou grate jenjanm mwen

Mwen pike kè ou, ou senyen lanmou

Ou di ke sèl souri mwen soulaje pèn ou

Touche m ka mete sik sou pòpòm ou.

Mwen touche kè ou, ou danmou m fou

Lè mwen sekle zèb jaden w

Se Laroze w mwen enspire

Kokoriko m chante nan maten w

Sou mwen bonè jounen w mize

Pou ou, ou te ka fanm mwen

Pou yo, ou te ka vann mwen

Lè ti bourik ou swaf myèl

Li vinn bwè dlo nan gagann mwen

Ke li fè cho, ke li fè fret anba ble le syèl

Ou toujou vle dòmi nan savann mwen

Tan lontan mwen te sou brenzeng mwen

Sou soprano ou te gen tan monte pou…

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When The Clock…

12 Jun

When the clock switched to midnight

I had to be in His presence

I know now that the world does not make much sense

Again tomorrow, life happens, in the ring it will be a new fight


Abandoning lust for His love

The hatred for sin is growing in me

On my corner His golden gloves

Again, tomorrow life happens, in that ring the last man standing will be me


When that clock jumped into midnight

I had to be on this imaginary flight

On the back of an angel I am flying higher

No longer dreaming but reaching further

A jazzy song of victory ringing in my ears

Because the enemy no longer control my tears


When that clock turned the hour into midnight

I became stronger, wiser and yet older

Yes, it is my birthday and I am running faster

Finally reaching the light


When that clock finally shows midnight

For you it was just telling the time

For me it was indicating more than a change of time

                        But a time for change,

                                                I am now boarding my spiritual flight!


Alex Sanon

When I met you!

13 Apr

When I met you, the sky changed its gray to blue

It looked like an early hour in May

Where the sun gives light to the day

But as our friendship grew

The new moon gives light to something new.

As we step into an unknown future

We laugh and cry in route of this adventure


When my eyes met yours, my radio stopped playing the blues

It seems like a late hour of June

Where the full moon gives light to the night

My plane gets lost in your Bermuda triangle

But I will never tell the rest of the story…


7 Oct

Based on the National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES), about one-third of U.S. adults (33.8%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese.

I am not one of them but I sympathize with those who are too fat to run. (By the way fat is not a dirty word). They don’t bleep the word FAT on TV, nor on
the radio so bear with me if I use it more than once.

Not being physically active and having a bad eating habit can make you gain weight. Unfortunately, for some people a medical condition is the cause, or it could be genetic.

When I was a teenager I used to play Soccer, Basket-Ball, Table Tennis and Video game. Kids nowadays opt for the ladder. I am still thin, but not in the same shape I
was some 20 years ago. Although I can run to save my life if the situation presents, I consider myself out of shape.

Apparently self-conscience is not a quality for most political figure in the United States. How can a man as fat as Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey thinks he can run? Who are those fools trying to persuade this man that he can do something he has not done since he took his first steps (as a baby) about some 49 years ago. If he does run, he would get the same result he got then: Fall on his fat behind. The earth would shake from New Jersey to Alaska – a 6.2 on the Richter magnitude scale.

Oh, I am confused… he is making a run for the house! What house? THE WHITE HOUSE… (Laugh). If I was his campaign manager I would borrow a line from the movie “Training Day” with Denzel Washington: “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me”. Sorry Governor, please do not run. You would be a punching bag for comedians like Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimel, Conan O’brian and I. When they talk about the elephant in the room, we all will know who they are referring too. Is that what you really want? Think again, you are just too fat to run!

Job Announcements

3 Jan

Eight Administrative and Deployment Support Positions

Making Sense Out of Complex Public Health Issues, DB Consulting, Inc., Health and Clinical Services Division is seeking eight (8) individuals to support to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals in Ensuring the Nation’s Health.

These positions will be located in Atlanta, GA(5 positions), and Port Au Prince, Haiti (3 positions). The qualified applicants will become part of DB’s Health and Clinical Services team that supports the Center for Disease Control’s Health Systems Reconstruction Office (HSRO).  For this program, the applicanst will support HSRO’s Haiti Cholera Public Health response.  All positions are for 6 months beginning in January 2011 with an option to extend for an additional 6 months.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

The contractor must have the educational back ground to perform the duties outlined in the SOW paragraphs listed previously.

  • Must have U.S. passport and established access to the US Embassy Haiti.
  • Must have housing and security prior to taking the position
  • Required international experience with working knowledge of Haiti
  • Required experience working with NGOs.
  • Mandatory fluency in English. (French is desired but not required)


For additional information or to apply, please submit a current resume and cover letter to:

Shawn Boyd, or Melanie Cook,